Pick Up / Delivery Form

Paperwork the driver will need
--> Shelter release form
--> Health certificate
--> Medication Instructions from the vet if any

NOTE:  Some shelters do not automatically give you a release form, if your shelter typically does not you can always ask for one.  We will accept anything from the shelter (on letterhead) that has the dogs log # and the dog's release from shelter date on it. 

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4 Paws Transport Request Form

Our Transport Requirements

Length out of shelter:
We request a minimum of 10 days

We may occasionally transport an entire run of non-quarantined dogs IF there is enough to fill the van.   We have one specific vehicle for non-quarantined runs that does not get used for regular runs, ever.  Transport vehicle for non-quarantined runs is soaked in sanitizer and washed after non quarantined transports. 

Pregnant Dogs:
We will transport pregnant dogs as long as they are not due to deliver for at least 30 days

Minimum Age
Dogs must be 8 weeks old to travel.  Most pups will travel in the cab with the drivers so they can keep an eye on them.

We prefer dogs are not fed breakfast on transport day.

We are willing to give medications to dogs that require them.

Toys, Special Blankets
Special toys, blankets or comfort items are always allowed to go with the dog.

Additional Info:
-All cages have a disposable sanitary barriers between them to reduce the risk of dogs becoming upset by having to be so close to other dogs during transport.

-All dogs are walked and watered in route for their comfort

-We can deliver to your door or drop dogs off to you at a pre-determined location.

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